Swedish Course For Beginners

  • Description
    Easy phrases, Words of order in a sentence, grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, basic Conversation...etc. No knowing of this language is needed before you start this course. After completing 10, 20, or 25 lessons of this course, depending on what You choose, you will have a test with the teacher, to see if you are ready for the next level.


The booked lesson will be lost if not attending or contact KNTeach by e-mail. A lesson can be canceled up to 6 hours before starting. A package can not be refunded after the three first lessons. In case of illness, the student can postpone the lesson. A refund for the remaining lessons can only be given due to illness and with a certificate from a doctor.

The Global Scale of Language Proficiency:

The level descriptions make it possible to compare skills in different languages, regardless of school system or degree A1 and A2: Beginner level users B1 and B2: Independent language user. C1 and C2: Advanced language user.

Swedish Course For Beginners
23$ / Class
  • Mentor Karina Neilsen
  • LevelBeginners
  • Duration 45 min / Class
  • Lessons 10 - 25

Student Feedback

  • Saurabh Sharma

    Saurabh Sharma


    I'm a complete beginner to Swedish, and I was looking for a comprehensive course that would teach me the basics. I found the Swedish Course For Beginners to be very helpful. The videos are clear and engaging, and the quizzes and practice activities help you to solidify your understanding of the material. I'm already starting to feel more comfortable speaking and understanding Swedish.

  • John



    I've been learning Swedish for a few years now, and I've taken a number of different courses. I found the Swedish Course For Beginners to be one of the most helpful. The videos are very well-made, and the instructor does a great job of explaining the material. The quizzes and practice activities are also very helpful for reinforcing what you've learned.

  • Sabrina



    I've been wanting to learn Swedish for a while now, but I've never had the time or motivation to start. The Swedish Course For Beginners was the perfect solution for me. The lessons are short and easy to follow, so I can fit them into my busy schedule. I'm also learning at my own pace, which is important to me. I'm really enjoying the course so far. The videos are clear and engaging.

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